Case Studies & Reports

The following are either case studies or case reports I’ve submitted to clients. All have been modified to protect the confidential nature of the findings. Please check back often as I add more from my files.

Genetic genealogy is the use of DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical and historical records to determine family relationships.

cM = Centimorgan, a way of measuring a unit of DNA that has been passed down from ancestors. From When two people have a DNA match, it means they inherited DNA from one or more recent common ancestors. The length of DNA they have in common is estimated in centimorgans (cM). The higher the number, the closer the relationship.

Note: adds a generic, vague, and sometimes inaccurate label to each set of DNA relatives, such as “2nd cousin” or “4th-6th cousin” when the match is actually a half 1st cousin, or great-aunt, or 3rd cousin, 1 times removed, etc. There is a little “i” for information on the full range of relationship possibilities next to each DNA match, which is much more accurate.