Have you taken a DNA test such as Ancestry.com, 23 and Me, MyHeritage or Family Tree DNA and need help sorting out who’s who and what’s what? Do you have questions about your genetic genealogy?

I offer a personalized, confidential, and compassionate search to find birthfamilies, discover family history, and untangle family mysteries. Using both consumer DNA family matching as well as traditional genealogy techniques, online databases and resources, I will compile all information in an easy-to-follow report to help answer your family mysteries. 

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Family DNA Finder has helped my family tremendously!! She found my mom’s birth family with barely anything to go on and has helped us reach out to them! She is so caring and considerate with information and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her! Honestly! I can’t say enough about what an amazing researcher she is!!


She is an amazing and efficient researcher. We wanted to contact our son’s birth sister, but the only info we had about her adoptive parents was a very common surname and a midsize city. She found the family in a matter of hours. Connecting to an adopted child’s birth family can literally save lives. I will always be grateful to Family DNA Finder.